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Clan / Ally commands

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  • Clan Crest 

    1. A clan leader of a level 3 clan (or higher) can set a clan crest 
    Level 3 clan Req. are: 500,000 SP and Proof of Blood. The Proof of Blood is obtained by hunting Bloody Queens in Dragon Valley. 

    2. You need a bmp format image that is 16*12pixels and 256colors 

    Making our own image is fun and that way you know nobody will copy your crest (or you can download other crests that people have made) 

    3. Save the image, for example "YourClan.bmp" and place the image right into the C drive, don't put it in any folder 

    4. Log into the game as the clan leader 

    5. Go into clan menu and click on Set Crest and type C:YourClan.bmp 


    Alliance & Clan 

    /allyinvite (target clan leader) Invite a clan into an alliance 

    /allyoust (clan) Dismiss a clan from the alliance 

    /allyleave Leave an alliance 

    /allydismiss Disbands the entire alliance 

    /allycrest Add an ally's crest 

    /allywarstart (alliance) Start a war with another alliance 

    /allywarstop (alliance) Stop a war with another alliance 

    /allywarsurrender (alliance) Surrender to another alliance 

    /allyinfo Display alliance status 

    /allywarinfo Display active alliance wars 

    /clanwarinfo Display active clan wars

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