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Fortress Tutorial

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  • General Fortress Rules:

    Sieges last 1 hour
    Siege items work
    Siege death rules apply

    Small Fortress:
    There are 3 bosses that must be killed before you can enter the main building and get a flag. These bosses are timed and all 3 must die within 10 minutes of each other. As such, it is best to do them in a particular order.

    First kill the Guard Captain, ingnore the minions as they will generally drop aggro after the boss is dead and respawn to fast to worry about anyway. EVERYONE must be fully within the boss's building, leaving te building will reset the boss. If people die, just have them wait for a rez. 

    Next is a matter of choice, mage boss is generally easier, kill the healing minions first then just kill the boss. The one note on this is to be carful when she does an AoE nuke. Low hp classes, and classes with low resists will be oneshot. Killing the boss fast enough eliminates this risk.

    The archer boss is straight forward, kill the archer minions, have a tank tank the boss as it does hit hard.

    After all 3 bosses are dead you can have 3 people grab flags from the main room and run them to the roof. There is a boss there, but it is easier to have a tank kite the boss away while the people plant flags. Once the flags are planted, siege is over and that boss disapears.

    Large Fortress:

    Same as small fortress with the addition of the powerstation and an additional boss. Both must be completed within the same 10 minutes. Best bet is to do the same patern of bosses as the small fortress and have a small party work on the powerstation, getting cards. Get the power station ready to be turned off and simply turn it off after the first boss drops. Walla, large fotress done.

    Small fortresses :

    * Aaru Fortress - Border
    * Archaic Fortress
    * Demon Fortress - Border
    * Dragonspine Fortress -Border
    * Hive Fortress
    * Ivory Fortress
    * Monastic Fortress - Border
    * Narsell Fortress
    * Shanty Fortress
    * Tanor Fortress - Border
    * White Sands Fortress

    Large fortresses:

    * Antharas’ Fortress - Border
    * Bayou Fortress
    * Borderland Fortress
    * Cloud Mountain Fortress - Border
    * Floran Fortress - Border
    * Hunter’s Fortress - Border
    * Marshland Fortress
    * Southern Fortress
    * Valley Fortress
    * Western Fortress - Border

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