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  • 1. General Rules:

    1.1. Administration may change any content or game play issues without preliminary notice.
    1.2. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. By accepting the registration process on the server you automatically accept these rules and agree with them.
    1.3. The account owner takes all responsibility, regardless of anyone else making any actions on this account.

    2. GM Related Rules:

    2.1. Do not try to interact with administration, without having any need for that. GM's have the right not to answer to someone's question / petitions.
    2.2. Any disrespectful attitude to the server staff is not allowed.
    2.3. Attacking GM’s in game without permission is prohibited.
    2.4. Making party, trade, friend, clan or ally inquiry to GM is prohibited.
    2.5. Interference in work of GM’s is forbidden.
    2.6. It is not allowed to lie to GM’s, if you are caught you will be banned.
    2.7. Do not beg a GM for adena, items, skills, levels, recommendations or any kind of favours.
    2.8. A GM will not replace lost items or any donated items.
    2.9. GM’s are not a teleportation service.
    2.10. Do not argue with a GM when you are requested to do something.
    2.11. If you receive any type of warning message from a GM/Admin do not start to argue about the warning you received on global chat, do not make a petition about why you received warning or similar, doing so you will make your situation a lot worse, and it can lead to permanent ban.

    3. Player Related Rules:

    3.1. Character name (or his title) must not contain bad words or something like admin, gm, owner. It is forbidden to use bad words.
    3.2. It is prohibited to mislead other players by introducing oneself as administration.
    3.3. Using bot programs like ( L2walker, L2net ) or any kind of programs is forbiden!
    3.4. Bugs or exploits usage is not allowed. If you find a new bug or exploit you should immediately inform the server administration about it and u will be rewarded if it is an important bug.
    3.5. It is forbidden to trick someone else and steal his/her items or adena (scamming-false shop).
    3.6. Any manifestation of offensive language, harassment, discrimination and racism in any chat will not be tolerated.
    3.7. Do not lag the server by dropping items on the ground.
    3.8. Begging and chat spamming are not allowed, can lead to permanent chat ban.
    3.9. Sharing accounts is allowed, but you are the only one responsible for giving out your account information. You will not be reimbursed for the loss of any items, characters or accounts, as a result of sharing your account information.
    3.10. It is forbidden to advertise other servers.
    3.11. It is forbidden to buff players in town, if they dont want that.
    3.12 Do not heal Raid Boss.

    4. Pvp / Pk Rules:

    4.1. It is forbidden to PK in low level area with a high level character.
    4.2. Attacking through walls / floors or any other abuse of exploits to kill other players is not allowed.
    4.3. When a user flags, he becomes a target, no matter his/her level.
    4.4. Do not switch the guards.
    4.5. Do not give bad buffs in town to players without their agreement.
    4.6 You are not allowed to feed at PvP with friends for points or coins.

    5. Olympiad rules:

    5.1. Do not use dual box in olympiad.
    5.2. It is forbided as 2 players to help each other to get points.
    5.3. It is forbided to climbe on arena's door, when this is getting up, and to stay or shot from there.

    6. Territory War / Sieges:

    6.1 Do not use Wyvern near castle or inside castle on Territory war and Siege.

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