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Skype advertise event

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  • I have a new event for you guys, is Skype event, and is simple as it can be, below you can find the rules and rewards:

    Rules and Info:

    1. First you need to add L2Ultimate on your Skype at: l2ultimate.net.

    2. Second wait for my accept confirmation.

    3. Once accepted go to Contacts tab and press CTRL + A to select anyone in your list ( if you have many contacts it will stop responding for a few seconds ).

    4. Now right click all selected Contacts and press - New Group Conversation ( also my Skype id will be included and I can see how many contacts received this message ).

    5. You can send any of the below messages or you can personalize the message but it has to contain "https://l2ultimate.net/" so all who see this message can go to the website.
    First message: I play on https://l2ultimate.net/ join me.
    Second message: Follow me on https://l2ultimate.net/ I play there.

    6. After you done all above you can contact me on Skype and let me know the character name you play, and I will send you the reward via game mail to your nickname in maximum 8 hours.

    7. Please note, if I do not reply to Skype pm just wait for me and I will reply when possible.

    8. Event does not expire.

    Rewards for advertising in Skype event:

    The reward will be calculated related to the contacts you send this mass pm and will be given only in Donation Coins.

    Please make sure you have at least 30 Contacts when sending the pm in the group to receive reward.

    1. For 25 to 50 Contacts: 25 Donation Coins

    2. For 50 to 100 Contacts: 45 Donation Coins

    3. For 100 to 150 Contacts: 85 Donation Coins

    4. For 150 to 250 Contacts: 125 Donation Coins

    5. For 250 to 300 Contacts: 165 Donation Coins

    6. For 300 to 400 Contacts: 210 Donation Coins

    7. For 400 to 500 Contacts: 250 Donation Coins

    8. For 500 to 600 Contacts: 300 Donation Coins

    9. For 600 to 650 Contacts: 350 Donation Coins

    Thank you!

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