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  1. The Level 11 Clan Dangerous waits everyone who want to play in a friendly, family like Clan Community. We are helping each other out in everything. Look for Orihime, LeeAnn, Lanca and Bastrad to apply to our Family. Have Fun and Get Strong
  2. If you think about it, then quest item drops need to be brought a little higher, for example in Pagan (Seekers of the Holy Grail quest) it gives random Adena, EWS or EAS for 2k quest item, with x4 rate mobs give 4 item and not always. So if you consider it, to make an exchange system, then it needs at least x12-x20 quest item drop. I tested a lot of exchange quest, like the ones in Primeval Isle, it needs a hell of a lot grinding for one exchange.
  3. Look so I have an idea. I played on a server a very long time ago, that had Enchant Exchange option. I mean if you had 25 Enchant Armor (any grade) or 50 Enchant Weapon (any grade) players could exchange them for 1 Blessed Enchant. It made players do quests like farming in Pagan or Monastery for items, then exchanging them for enchant S-Grade. After they exchanged them for Blessed. I never saw that on any other server. I know that Blessed rate is high, but this could be another method for farming for it .
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