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  1. @Antonis Hi ! I am a veteran player here :))) so...i think if you will come with your friends and play here... me and my friends from clan (ImperialFist) we will helped you to growing up...and to try togheter to revive this server...some pvp/tw and all stuff.. we are around 4-5 players on this clan...and i think if we make some activity and we telling the friends about this server they will come...more votes..more people see this server and this will growing... ! So ... if you agree we can helped you at begin ..and to start to make some activity at epics/siege/tw and all stuff ! Have a nice day ! I waiting a lot of people here to play ! Also this server have teamspeak private (ts.l2ultimate.net i think... i am not sure :))) go on game and you will see exactly what is ip for ts )
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    Hello, I'm Copacel and I hope this project will be successful and those who work for this project hope to be happy at the end of their work. As I said before I think it is one of the best servers I know ... balanced in terms of everything and I hope the players who will come to this server are happy. I'll be on the server #Copacel
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