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  1. i have troubles to log.. it seems my account ban again
  2. the player B0B win points with hellraiser without armor and jewels
  3. the same with the player b0b.. review all the battles of faaq
  4. the clan night wish passing points in the oly i leave video and pic WhatsApp Video 2020-02-19 at 11.41.12.mp4
  5. please gm help. i cant log.. still ban
  6. im check and it seems that all my account from this ip was banned
  7. i just reset my pc, and i have the same problem, please check it
  8. i only have open excel, nitro ang google chrome
  9. it is my screen i play las night since 1200 pm gmt -6
  10. GM, im playing since an ip direction public, when i connect only for receive my dc and i saw that my account was banned, you can review my inventory, and my goals, i havent any other of bot.. i proud it
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