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  1. i dont know how only you have this problem
  2. is easy when they have the forum but they do not use it
  3. I have made this topic here to say everything you have on your mind soul and so on
  4. how i have said in message i will speak with them
  5. Hello, We have to change the device that register the electricity the server will be down for 30 min to 1 H. Thank you for understanding!
  6. Alpha

    Changes 27.02

    Server change 16.02.2020 We have reworked the vote shop
  7. Because of some errors on olympiad it calculate 2 times and no one have hero. Sorry guys
  8. Hello, today at 20:00 GMT +2 we will give a big reward so please try to be online at that time in giran so we can take some pics too. Thank you guys for all your support and understanding ! ps: REWARD IS FOR ALL ONLINE CHARACTERS NOT ON HWID!
  9. Hello guys, We have manage to put yestarday the UPS and today the firewall.
  10. Today the server will be in maintenance we do some changes and how long will take i don't have any idea it can take the hole day. Thank you for understanding
  11. i have told you is not server side, i have removed the ban twice is something that you use and smartgurd see it like a bot
  12. if you have been banned by smsartguard i lift it i have seen that you have been banned again and what it says is "bot" ps try to close all the clients if no is not from my side
  13. if you use any 3rd party program i recommend you to don`t do it because you had ban from smartguard
  14. we will take a look and we will think
  15. is a good ideea and we think to make this, thank you!
  16. how i have said we look to change the hp for champions si it can be easier to be killed
  17. it will not take 2h to kill a champion and are looking to lower the hp on blue and red champions so it can be killed easily ps: the chance of dropping items is bigger then a normal mob for ex if you go in fog in about 30 min you can make up to 3k crafted leather, or loa if you kill a karik or other mobs you can take up to 250 ls and much more
  18. well is a 50x server is up to dynasty in shop, vesper is on craft, vorpal in loa with a decent rate, elegia at freya hard ps solo farm is not easy
  19. give more info and we will take a look
  20. there was some problems with login in the morning
  21. we have look on it and is working and the NPC is on the right place but is on e in giran to.
  22. Alpha


    the enchant rate is 25% with a reason, because the bless drop is high and the enchant it doesn't break.
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