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  1. there was some problems with login in the morning
  2. we have look on it and is working and the NPC is on the right place but is on e in giran to.
  3. Alpha


    the enchant rate is 25% with a reason, because the bless drop is high and the enchant it doesn't break.
  4. you can try by doing a fresh install to your client because all this are from client side
  5. the server is online, there have been some small problems with the connection, now is all fine
  6. i will not add antharas and valakas rb for donation.
  7. Today at 22:00 server time (GMT +2) the sv will be offline for approximate 30 minutes. Thanks for understanding
  8. Alpha

    Christmas Reward

    I have made this poll to let you choose what reward will be. I was thinking about 20 BEWS (Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S) ) 20 BEAS (Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) ) and 20 DC (Donator Coin)
  9. The server is now online after beta, enjoy the new futures
  10. First of all the enchant rates are 25% with bless and if is fail the ENCHANT WILL REMAIN ON THE SAME ENCHANT LEVEL, the chance for blesses has been a bit boosted in LOA for all the mobs that drop blesses and at gem dragon as well, knoriks has a small boost on weapons drop the 3 custom raid have been reworked and a new auto raid was added with a well made drop At 7rb you can level your crystal from 13 to 15
  11. Hello guys, tomorrow at 18:00 GMT +2 the server will be live, i wait you all to join.
  12. Hello, Maybe for some of you the old system will not work anymore, so i recommend you to download the new system Link download 1 Link download 2
  13. 1. Fix on counter attack 2. Vote system changed to .vote from .hopzone 3. The dedicat server has been changed 4. Daily quest added with npc in giran 5. 3 new raids will be added soon 6. Drop in mos has been increased 7. Bot protection added 8. Improved geodata 9. Other fixes
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