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  1. First of all the enchant rates are 25% with bless and if is fail the ENCHANT WILL REMAIN ON THE SAME ENCHANT LEVEL, the chance for blesses has been a bit boosted in LOA for all the mobs that drop blesses and at gem dragon as well, knoriks has a small boost on weapons drop the 3 custom raid have been reworked and a new auto raid was added with a well made drop
  2. Hello guys, tomorrow at 18:00 GMT +2 the server will be live, i wait you all to join.
  3. Hello, Maybe for some of you the old system will not work anymore, so i recommend you to download the new system Link download 1 Link download 2
  4. i will have a question for you, how you will play vs a doombringer with 200% reflect?
  5. well the reflect is based on counterattack so basically if you have 100% with active and passive skills you will go up to 130% reflect, now it will be about 80%
  6. i have made that fix, and 50% of the damage is fine
  7. 1. Fix on counter attack 2. Vote system changed to .vote from .hopzone 3. The dedicat server has been changed 4. Daily quest added with npc in giran 5. 3 new raids will be added soon 6. Drop in mos has been increased 7. Bot protection added 8. Improved geodata 9. Other fixes
  8. Alpha

    donate shop

    Hello, the donation shop will be opened after 02.03.2019
  9. Clan Crest 1. A clan leader of a level 3 clan (or higher) can set a clan crest Level 3 clan Req. are: 500,000 SP and Proof of Blood. The Proof of Blood is obtained by hunting Bloody Queens in Dragon Valley. 2. You need a bmp format image that is 16*12pixels and 256colors Making our own image is fun and that way you know nobody will copy your crest (or you can download other crests that people have made) 3. Save the image, for example "YourClan.bmp" and place the image right into the C drive, don't put it in any folder 4. Log into the game as the clan leader 5. Go into clan menu and click on Set Crest and type C:YourClan.bmp Commands Alliance & Clan /allyinvite (target clan leader) Invite a clan into an alliance /allyoust (clan) Dismiss a clan from the alliance /allyleave Leave an alliance /allydismiss Disbands the entire alliance /allycrest Add an ally's crest /allywarstart (alliance) Start a war with another alliance /allywarstop (alliance) Stop a war with another alliance /allywarsurrender (alliance) Surrender to another alliance /allyinfo Display alliance status /allywarinfo Display active alliance wars /clanwarinfo Display active clan wars
  10. General Fortress Rules: Sieges last 1 hour Siege items work Siege death rules apply Small Fortress: There are 3 bosses that must be killed before you can enter the main building and get a flag. These bosses are timed and all 3 must die within 10 minutes of each other. As such, it is best to do them in a particular order. First kill the Guard Captain, ingnore the minions as they will generally drop aggro after the boss is dead and respawn to fast to worry about anyway. EVERYONE must be fully within the boss's building, leaving te building will reset the boss. If people die, just have them wait for a rez. Next is a matter of choice, mage boss is generally easier, kill the healing minions first then just kill the boss. The one note on this is to be carful when she does an AoE nuke. Low hp classes, and classes with low resists will be oneshot. Killing the boss fast enough eliminates this risk. The archer boss is straight forward, kill the archer minions, have a tank tank the boss as it does hit hard. After all 3 bosses are dead you can have 3 people grab flags from the main room and run them to the roof. There is a boss there, but it is easier to have a tank kite the boss away while the people plant flags. Once the flags are planted, siege is over and that boss disapears. Large Fortress: Same as small fortress with the addition of the powerstation and an additional boss. Both must be completed within the same 10 minutes. Best bet is to do the same patern of bosses as the small fortress and have a small party work on the powerstation, getting cards. Get the power station ready to be turned off and simply turn it off after the first boss drops. Walla, large fotress done. Small fortresses : * Aaru Fortress - Border * Archaic Fortress * Demon Fortress - Border * Dragonspine Fortress -Border * Hive Fortress * Ivory Fortress * Monastic Fortress - Border * Narsell Fortress * Shanty Fortress * Tanor Fortress - Border * White Sands Fortress Large fortresses: * Antharas’ Fortress - Border * Bayou Fortress * Borderland Fortress * Cloud Mountain Fortress - Border * Floran Fortress - Border * Hunter’s Fortress - Border * Marshland Fortress * Southern Fortress * Valley Fortress * Western Fortress - Border
  11. Hello my dear players, It is possible in January 2019 to open a new server possible 25x just for fun, easy and nice. I will work soon on the new software to offer a good experience, fun and stable server. Sounds fun? I hope yes! I'll keep you posted when I have something new. Cya!
  12. 1. General Rules: 1.1. Administration may change any content or game play issues without preliminary notice. 1.2. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. By accepting the registration process on the server you automatically accept these rules and agree with them. 1.3. The account owner takes all responsibility, regardless of anyone else making any actions on this account. 2. GM Related Rules: 2.1. Do not try to interact with administration, without having any need for that. GM's have the right not to answer to someone's question / petitions. 2.2. Any disrespectful attitude to the server staff is not allowed. 2.3. Attacking GM’s in game without permission is prohibited. 2.4. Making party, trade, friend, clan or ally inquiry to GM is prohibited. 2.5. Interference in work of GM’s is forbidden. 2.6. It is not allowed to lie to GM’s, if you are caught you will be banned. 2.7. Do not beg a GM for adena, items, skills, levels, recommendations or any kind of favours. 2.8. A GM will not replace lost items or any donated items. 2.9. GM’s are not a teleportation service. 2.10. Do not argue with a GM when you are requested to do something. 2.11. If you receive any type of warning message from a GM/Admin do not start to argue about the warning you received on global chat, do not make a petition about why you received warning or similar, doing so you will make your situation a lot worse, and it can lead to permanent ban. 3. Player Related Rules: 3.1. Character name (or his title) must not contain bad words or something like admin, gm, owner. It is forbidden to use bad words. 3.2. It is prohibited to mislead other players by introducing oneself as administration. 3.3. Using bot programs like ( L2walker, L2net ) or any kind of programs is forbiden! 3.4. Bugs or exploits usage is not allowed. If you find a new bug or exploit you should immediately inform the server administration about it and u will be rewarded if it is an important bug. 3.5. It is forbidden to trick someone else and steal his/her items or adena (scamming-false shop). 3.6. Any manifestation of offensive language, harassment, discrimination and racism in any chat will not be tolerated. 3.7. Do not lag the server by dropping items on the ground. 3.8. Begging and chat spamming are not allowed, can lead to permanent chat ban. 3.9. Sharing accounts is allowed, but you are the only one responsible for giving out your account information. You will not be reimbursed for the loss of any items, characters or accounts, as a result of sharing your account information. 3.10. It is forbidden to advertise other servers. 3.11. It is forbidden to buff players in town, if they dont want that. 3.12 Do not heal Raid Boss. 4. Pvp / Pk Rules: 4.1. It is forbidden to PK in low level area with a high level character. 4.2. Attacking through walls / floors or any other abuse of exploits to kill other players is not allowed. 4.3. When a user flags, he becomes a target, no matter his/her level. 4.4. Do not switch the guards. 4.5. Do not give bad buffs in town to players without their agreement. 4.6 You are not allowed to feed at PvP with friends for points or coins. 5. Olympiad rules: 5.1. Do not use dual box in olympiad. 5.2. It is forbided as 2 players to help each other to get points. 5.3. It is forbided to climbe on arena's door, when this is getting up, and to stay or shot from there. 6. Territory War / Sieges: 6.1 Do not use Wyvern near castle or inside castle on Territory war and Siege.
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