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  1. Last week
  2. Earlier
  3. Bastrad has same situation just now. Shot00000.bmp
  4. i dont know how only you have this problem
  5. i have troubles to log.. it seems my account ban again
  6. is easy when they have the forum but they do not use it
  7. It will be interesting to be able to read what people think or think.
  8. I have made this topic here to say everything you have on your mind soul and so on
  9. how i have said in message i will speak with them
  10. the player B0B win points with hellraiser without armor and jewels
  11. the same with the player b0b.. review all the battles of faaq
  12. the clan night wish passing points in the oly i leave video and pic WhatsApp Video 2020-02-19 at 11.41.12.mp4
  13. Hello, We have to change the device that register the electricity the server will be down for 30 min to 1 H. Thank you for understanding!
  14. Alpha

    Changes 27.02

    Server change 16.02.2020 We have reworked the vote shop
  15. Because of some errors on olympiad it calculate 2 times and no one have hero. Sorry guys
  16. Hello, today at 20:00 GMT +2 we will give a big reward so please try to be online at that time in giran so we can take some pics too. Thank you guys for all your support and understanding ! ps: REWARD IS FOR ALL ONLINE CHARACTERS NOT ON HWID!
  17. Hello guys, We have manage to put yestarday the UPS and today the firewall.
  18. The Level 11 Clan Dangerous waits everyone who want to play in a friendly, family like Clan Community. We are helping each other out in everything. Look for Orihime, LeeAnn, Lanca and Bastrad to apply to our Family. Have Fun and Get Strong
  19. Today the server will be in maintenance we do some changes and how long will take i don't have any idea it can take the hole day. Thank you for understanding
  20. i have told you is not server side, i have removed the ban twice is something that you use and smartgurd see it like a bot
  21. please gm help. i cant log.. still ban
  22. im check and it seems that all my account from this ip was banned
  23. i just reset my pc, and i have the same problem, please check it
  24. i only have open excel, nitro ang google chrome
  25. if you have been banned by smsartguard i lift it i have seen that you have been banned again and what it says is "bot" ps try to close all the clients if no is not from my side
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