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  2. @Antonis Hi ! I am a veteran player here :))) so...i think if you will come with your friends and play here... me and my friends from clan (ImperialFist) we will helped you to growing up...and to try togheter to revive this server...some pvp/tw and all stuff.. we are around 4-5 players on this clan...and i think if we make some activity and we telling the friends about this server they will come...more votes..more people see this server and this will growing... ! So ... if you agree we can helped you at begin ..and to start to make some activity at epics/siege/tw and all stuff ! Have a nice day ! I waiting a lot of people here to play ! Also this server have teamspeak private (ts.l2ultimate.net i think... i am not sure :))) go on game and you will see exactly what is ip for ts )
  3. Hello everyone! I just wanted to say a few words regarding the server and l2 in general. For the past few months, me and 4 more friends have tried out almost every l2 server out there, high rate, mid rate, low rate, every chronicle there is: Interlude, H5, Goddess of Destruction, Fafurion, Prelude of War, Classic (essence client), custom content servers, you name it, we tested it. L2 Ultimate's features are among the best you can find, and I have tried literally DOZENS of servers with my friends. L2 Ultimate offers a nice balance in everything, good files, npcs, convenience-game features, drops, enchanting, champion mobs up to lvl85, custom raids, leveling up experience. It's one of the few servers that lets you enchant your items all the way up to +20 by farming, not just with donation coins, or random gm give away events. The only problem I see is the low population on the server and I really cannot understand why this server is underpopulated, when so many shitty servers out there are filled with people. It surely deserves WAY better. It is evident that the dev team has worked hard on this project. Maybe you should focus more on advertising this project, all high population servers today use discord as their main community management tool, a forum is great and important but discord is simple, easily accessible and there is already a huge userbase, so it makes for a perfect advertising channel, as it eases the process of gathering people to a project. The only thing I can say to the L2 Ultimate dev team is this: Please don't abandon this project by any means, what you have here is a very, very good product that can still be further improved ofcourse, but it is already in a very good state, a project that can provide for a permanent home for all l2 lovers out there. I have seen tons of people wasting their time on shitty servers, only to discover later on that they hit a wall at some point in their progression, a wall that can only be overcome by donation directly or indirectly (in whatever form). A good game server must provide a clear progression path that leads to max gear level for everyone, for all classes, group or solo players, strictly through farming. Donators can always donate for faster progression and that is absolutely fine, provided that everything in the game and all items can also be acquired through gameplay-grinding as well. Me and my group have come to a point where after we join any given server, we immediately start a thorough investigation on the potential drawbacks. We try to find immediately what can be a deal breaker for us so that we don't end up wasting our time on a server that initially seems to be awesome but later on is proven to be exactly like the rest of the bunch. We want something that really stands out and is worth investing our time (and money). It seems to us that the L2 Ultimate dev team seems to have grasped the ideal concept for a really really good l2 server that is worth it. What it only lucks is the playerbase it deservers and we really hope that it will soon shine. Our best of wishes to the dev team! PS: please seriously consider creating a discord server for your project and use all promotion channels available, we are sure that this alone will help greatly and now is a good time for such an action as most people stay at home and many are looking for a good game to entertain them during the quarantine in this coronavirus age we are living in. Stay safe everyone!
  4. Bastrad has same situation just now. Shot00000.bmp
  5. i dont know how only you have this problem
  6. i have troubles to log.. it seems my account ban again
  7. is easy when they have the forum but they do not use it
  8. It will be interesting to be able to read what people think or think.
  9. I have made this topic here to say everything you have on your mind soul and so on
  10. how i have said in message i will speak with them
  11. the player B0B win points with hellraiser without armor and jewels
  12. the same with the player b0b.. review all the battles of faaq
  13. the clan night wish passing points in the oly i leave video and pic WhatsApp Video 2020-02-19 at 11.41.12.mp4
  14. Hello, We have to change the device that register the electricity the server will be down for 30 min to 1 H. Thank you for understanding!
  15. Alpha

    Changes 27.02

    Server change 16.02.2020 We have reworked the vote shop
  16. Because of some errors on olympiad it calculate 2 times and no one have hero. Sorry guys
  17. Hello, today at 20:00 GMT +2 we will give a big reward so please try to be online at that time in giran so we can take some pics too. Thank you guys for all your support and understanding ! ps: REWARD IS FOR ALL ONLINE CHARACTERS NOT ON HWID!
  18. Hello guys, We have manage to put yestarday the UPS and today the firewall.
  19. The Level 11 Clan Dangerous waits everyone who want to play in a friendly, family like Clan Community. We are helping each other out in everything. Look for Orihime, LeeAnn, Lanca and Bastrad to apply to our Family. Have Fun and Get Strong
  20. Today the server will be in maintenance we do some changes and how long will take i don't have any idea it can take the hole day. Thank you for understanding
  21. i have told you is not server side, i have removed the ban twice is something that you use and smartgurd see it like a bot
  22. please gm help. i cant log.. still ban
  23. im check and it seems that all my account from this ip was banned
  24. i just reset my pc, and i have the same problem, please check it
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